Let's Talk Chakras!

In 2020 I qualified as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200). During my training I had been fascinated with the idea of the Chakras and I wanted to explore if and how we could employ them to help enhance our singing. 

We began in July 2020 with a workshop and since then I have run weekly Chakras for Singers classes and new to 2021 Chakras Performance Workshops. The testimonials speak for themselves, however it is useful to know that Chakras for Singers is not tied to any religious beliefs, rather it takes the idea that different parts of the body govern different emotions, thoughts and feelings and with the use of awareness and imagination helps to physicalise singing (imagine singing with all your heart). It is NOT a substitute for a good solid scientifically based vocal technique, instead it is an add-on which many of my students have found gives quick and easy access to emotions, helping to release inhibitions when singing and is a fun and new way to explore how we perform.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that most students are intrigued but a little apprehensive about this course, particularly as so much else of the work I do is very scientifically based. However, those who have taken part have found it really liberating and it has become a hugely successful and sought after  part of my teaching. The book Chakras for Singers will be published in the Autumn and this is based on the research done over the course of the last 12 months in my studio.


Chakra Courses

There are now two options to work with Chakras for Singers - the weekly course or the Chakra Performance  3 hour workshop. The weekly course gives us lots more time to explore but essentially both give an introduction to the model of the Chakra Energy system, the seven main wheels of energy which are said to govern different emotions, physical organs, elements and states. For example the Root Chakra is all about stabilising, rooting, connecting and basic needs and the Heart Chakra is all about unconditional love. 

We first learn about the different Chakras and then decide which are needed to be accessed in our music. The rest of the time we employ the Chakras in our singing, experimenting and playing until we have the right mix for us.



Chakras for Singers is an amazing experience. It has made a huge difference to the way I approach my singing and performance. By concentrating on a particular Chakra or group of Chakras the difference you can make is quite awe inspiring!



Singing with the Chakras has made a huge difference. It really does make you connect with yourself and others when you sing



I was freed from self-consciousness to "sing from the heart" and connected to others in the group whose own singing transformations were inspiring